Ramen in Tokyo

Typical ramen you can enjoy in Tokyo

Let’s start with the soups

Shoyu (Soy Sauce, 醤油)

Classic clear broth made from soy sauce. It is most commonly made from chicken broth, but you can often find variations with pork or fish.

Shio (Salt, 塩)

A light soup seasoned with salt. Similar to shoyu, it is typically made from chicken broth, but variations are common as well.

Miso (Soybean paste, 味噌)

A rich soup made with miso (soybean paste), originating from the northern region of Hokkaido.

Tonkotsu (Pork bone, 豚骨)

Thick, creamy soup made from pork bone, originating from the southern region of Kyushu.

These are a few examples of the most common types of soup. Ramen shops will add their own touch by mixing or adding hidden ingredients. Flavourful fish broth has also become quite popular in recent years. To say there are as many flavours as there are ramen shops is not an exaggeration.


Regional ramen

Hakata Ramen

Originating from Hakata City in the region of Kyushu, this soup is tonkotsu based and is popular for its rich creaminess. The noodles are usually thin, to maximize the flavour of the soup. A unique characteristic of Hakata ramen is that you can often specify the firmness of the noodles to your liking.

Sapporo Ramen

Born in the cold region of Hokkaido, the most popular type of Sapporo ramen is the miso ramen, though shoyu and shio ramen are delicious as well. Sapporo ramen is topped with plenty of vegetables, and the noodles are commonly thick and wrinkled.

Kitakata Ramen

Kitakata ramen is made from shoyu broth. The noodles are uniquely chewy and are thick and flat in shape.

Hachioji Ramen

This ramen originated in Hachioji City, Tokyo. This classic shoyu base ramen has thin noodles topped with chopped onions.

Yokohama Ie-Kei Ramen

This ramen features a rich combination of tonkotsu and shoyu soup, with thick noodles. Typical toppings are spinach and roasted pork, often paired with seaweed and hard boiled egg. You can adjust for thickness and oiliness of the soup.

There’s a ramen for every mood


Tsukemen, which literally translates to “dipping noodles”, is a type of ramen where the noodles are served separately from a broth that is thicker than regular ramen soup. Although the noodles are usually served cold, you may request for hot noodles by asking for “ATSUMORI”. You can dilute the leftover broth with lighter broth to enjoy every last drop of it!

Aburasoba (Mazesoba)

Aburasoba, or mazesoba, is served without soup, but instead with a thick sauce over the noodles. You can customize it by topping it with vinegar, spicy oil, or garlic.



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