Entertainment in Tokyo

Experience wadaiko entertainment with Groupon!

Traditional yet innovative and entertaining, join us for a powerful wadaiko performance not to be missed!

-MANGEKYO- October 2019 Dates

Website: https://mangekyo-tokyo.com/en/

Promo video: https://youtu.be/pUnxgHDZ7d4

Customer reviews

"Fantastic, artistic, and dramatic entertainment! - Starting from projection mapping of dragon image, this fantastic show welcome you into Japanese drum world. You feel performer’s passion and energy from bottom of your heart.Beauty of mixture of avant-garde design uniform and traditional Japanese drum, their tranquility and movement are amazing. What's even more? They have great sense of humor!! My french parents in law asked them to come to france to perform it in the Future. I definitely recommend this show to anyone who would like to enjoy Japanese culture. - Azusa Villevieille "

"A performance that made me think 'Amazing! So touching! I want to see it again!'"

"The performance exceeded my expectations! The power of the drums and other instruments, and the fit bodies of the performers were awe-inspiring!"

"You should see this show at least once. The performers were powerful, mindful, smiley... there is nothing to lose! You'll be hooked for sure."

"The seats are close to the stage, adding to the intensity of the performance. I'd like to see it again."

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Too much cuteness! Check out these animal cafes

In Japan, you will find some unusual cafes -namely animal cafes where you can interact with and touch small animals like cats, owls and even hedgehogs. These animals are sure to soothe your heart.

What are some popular animal cafes?

  • Cat cafe: The one that started it all, where you can play with cute, furry felines.
  • Owl cafe: You can interact with owls, a rare experience.
  • Hedghog cafe: Popular on social media as well, you can hold and play with hedgehogs.


Choose from 30 mins. or 60 mins.cafes admission and have a great time of interaction with hamsters and hedgehogs(free access bet. 2 cafes).

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Harajuku Zoo

Have fun and interact with various cute animals such as capybara, meerkat, ferret while enjoying a drink by yourself or with a friend.

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Check out our cultural experience offerings

Sandblast Headquarter's Classroom

Experience Japanese glass and origami coaster making in the historical district of Asakusa. Carve your favorite pictures or characters and take your artpiece home as a souvenir.

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