Niboshi Ramen(¥550), Niboshi & Lobster Ramen(¥800), Clam & Lobster Ramen(¥1,000) at Ramen Emoto Masahiro(Up to ¥1,200)

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Enjoy the flavorful and rich taste of authentic Niboshi Ramen, Niboshi Lobster Ramen, Clam & Lobster Ramen which you can only savor once.




What You’ll Get

The Deal

¥550 for Niboshi Ramen (total value up to ¥800)
¥800 for Niboshi Ramen (total value up to ¥1,000)
¥1,000 for Niboshi Ramen (total value up to ¥1,200)

Niboshi Ramen
Thick, rich soup made from carefully selected Bonito are a perfect much with the noodles. You are sure to enjoy this delicious bowl!

Niboshi and Lobster Ramen
In this bowl of exquisite ramen, you can enjoy the elegance of simmered lobster along with the rich bonito soup.  

Clam and Lobster Ramen
Enjoy the lip-smacking fusion of this clam and lobster ramen.  

• Seats cannot be specified.
• In case of congestion, you may have to wait for a while.
• Please note that there may be cases wherein the goods cannot be provided depending on stocks situation (e.g. out of stock).

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