Choose from White, Black, or Red Hakata Ramen for 1 person at Hakata Ramen (Up to ¥680 Value)

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Enjoy the delicious and popular White, Black or Red Hakata Ramen. There’s no reservation required so you can dine anytime you want.




What You’ll Get

The Deal

¥420 for a White Hakata Ramen and ¥470 for Black and Red Hakata Ramen for 1 person (total value up to ¥680)

• Tonkotsu soup
An exquisite soup made over a whole day using numerous pig heads which are nutritious, and have plenty of calcium and collagen, which are said to be good for beauty and health. Tonkotsu broth contains an ingredients called “inosinic acid”, which works to neutralize alcohol. In addition, it is said that the “pickled takana mustard” contains spices which are said to helps burn excess body fat.

• Extra-fine firm noodles
Ultra-thin firm noodles that go great with soup are indispensable for Hakata ramen! You can adjust the firmness of noodles to your liking.

• Sauce
A sauce made by blending 20 kinds of ingredients, and ripened for a long time. It is a good source of umami and it deepens the taste.
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Hakata Ramen

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