Savor the deliciously popular “Toyama Black Ramen or White Shrimp Ramen” at Toyama Black Menya IROHA

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Choose from deliciously famous Toyama Black Ramen or White Shrimp Ramen and savor the rich and deep taste of it with a friend or a dear one.




What You’ll Get

The Deal

¥890 for a Toyama Black Ramen or White Shrimp Ramen(regular)  (total value up to ¥1,190)

■Toyama Black Ramen with Extra Meat(regular)
The secret to the blackness is the soy sauce used in the soup. A super-rich fish sauce made with a unique method that contains a lot of flavorful ingredients and salt for a deep rich taste (boiled beef and pork belly).

■White Shrimp Ramen with Extra Meat(regular)
“If you’re looking for something lighter, try the White Shrimp Ramen full of Toyama Bay seafood. The rich White Shrimp flavor and the ocean-like aroma will leave you refreshed and craving for more. This ramen is topped with boiled beef and pork belly.

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