Donate Today: Help communities recover ! Extend your support for those who are affected by "Australia’s Bushfires".





How You Can Support

Lend a hand by supporting this fundraising campaign for those affected by the bushfires across Australia. It takes a community to withstand a disaster. It takes all of us, pitching in together.

From our company (Groupon Japan)

Groupon Japan, prays for the safety of those affected by the disaster, and sincerely hopes for a fast recovery for both the people, wildlife, and areas affected and will make every effort we can as a company to help.

Thank you for your cooperation.
January 23, 2020
Groupon Japan, Inc. From all staff of Groupon Japan

Fundraising Organization: Australian Red Cross Society

※日本語版はこちら(You can find the Japanese version at here.)


■Contribution Period
January 23, 2020 to February 5, 2020
■Notices About Donations
・ The payment method for donation application is "Credit card only". However, payment with Groupon credits is also possible.
・It is possible to purchase a minimum of 1pc(worth 200yen)up to 50pcs(200yen ×50 = 10,000yen).
・Since this is a fundraising for donations items you purchased cannot be canceled. Please consider the amount before you purchase.
・With regards to the donations we receive, to ensure the transparency of the donation's amount we will notify each person after the fundraising campaign has been completed. In addition, Groupon Japan will be the one to bear the settlement commission of the donations.
・Please note that the Australian Red Cross Society and our company do not issue receipts for this fundraising campaign.

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