Shabu-shabu course with 3 hours all-you-can-drink for up to 4 persons at Kyo Yasai Shabu Shabu Mizonokuchi Station

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A total of 10 courses, including Kagoshima pork & domestic beef shabu-shabu accompanied with 3 hours all-you-can-drink such as beer and more




■Kyo Shabu specialty gold leaf shabu-shabu course with all-you-can-drink for 3 hours (6,000 yen/person)

● Toro Yuba sashimi
● Crispy lotus root, homemade plum perilla
● Sashimi
● Kyofu-Kinoko-boiled bean curd with eggplant-like fragrance
● Pork Shabu Shabu~ Kagoshima Pork ~ Assorted loin & ribs ~
● Beef Shabu Shabu~ Domestic Beef Shabu Shabu
● Tsumire with homemade bamboo tube
● Assorted 8 kinds of seasonal vegetables
● Noodles
● Yukimi Daifuku vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce

All you can drink for 3 hours (L.O. 30 minutes before)
Beer, sour, cocktail, highball, shochu, wine, sake, plum wine, soft drinks

●If you are late for the reservation time, your time may be shortened.

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Terms of use
● Expiration date: 60 days from date of purchase
● Purchase limit: Up to 8 tickets per person, additional purchase as gift(s) allowed
● Usage limit: 2~8 people per visit
Date and time of use
● Redemption date/time
【A】Sunday to Thursday, public holidays / 12:00 to 24:00
【B】Valid for all days / 12:00 to 24:00
●Exclusion Date
【A】Friday, Saturday, the day before a public holiday
*Subject to change due to private events
*During large holidays (e.g. Obon, New Years), please contact the store in advance
How to Redeem
●Reservation required
●Reservation deadline: 24 hours before

Check Availability Make a Booking
●Please submit any changes/cancellation 24 hours in advance
●Changes/cancellation without advance notice, or late arrival of 20 minutes or longer may invalidate your coupon

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Kyo Yasai Shabu Shabu

レストラン, アジア料理, 和食・居酒屋・麺類